Episode 363

PipeWire Interview with Wim Taymans, Revolutionizing Audio & Video on Linux


March 24th, 2024

51 mins 52 secs

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On this week’s episode, we have a special guest joining us to discuss his work with making our lives better in Linux audio. Of course, this work has helped everyone at this point, but ever since it was first usable in Fedora we’ve been singing the praises of PipeWire, and Wim Taymans is joining us this week for an interview about the project that has revolutionized how Linux handles multimedia.

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Michael Tunnell = https://michaeltunnell.com
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Jill Bryant = https://jilllinuxgirl.com


00:00 Intro
00:47 PipeWire with Wim Taymans - [link]
15:20 Namecheap [ad] - [link]
16:18 PipeWire with Wim Taymans continued
27:32 LINBIT [ad] - [link]
28:51 more about PipeWire with Wim Taymans
39:51 DL Crew went to SCaLE & got sick - [link]
42:16 Outro